The Beginning

My family lived in Fort Dodge, Iowa at the time of my birth, but due to labor complications (I was always the difficult one), I was born in Iowa City. This happened on July 29, 1980. Once back in Fort Dodge, I was raised in a normal way, attaining a little sister along the way, until my mother's death in 1983. From then on, my sister and I were raised by our father. I grew up thinking/wishing I was a boy, playing baseball and GI Joe's, climbing trees and doing other "boy" stuff that nearly got me killed a few times. Weirdly enough, this behavior really didn't alarm my father too much, and therefore wasn't corrected by him, unless of course one of his sisters told him that he shouldn't let me "wear that" or "behave like that". It took nearly 10 years and enrollment in private elementary school before I finally realized that I was a girl and that I should probably get some practice in acting like one before I hit puberty. So I did, and before high school was over I had actually gotten quite good at it. I was getting up early to fix my hair before school, picking out cute guys in magazines with my friends, shopping, dating, etc. I managed two "serious" boyfriends before realizing that dating males just wasn't for me. So now I only date females. Need more info? Read the coming out page. This change happened while I was in my second year of college. I had originally gone to college in pursuit of a degree in Psychology, but changed my course of study to Web Design. I never did finish school, though, as I discovered later on that I had Attention Deficit Disorder. I had always wondered why I could never focus on anything in school for more than 30 seconds. Who knew... With school being temporarily on the back burner, I started working full time at the grocery store I'd been working at since I was 16. I worked my way up until I was in charge of my own department. The Liquor Department. Let me tell you, as a newly-turned 21 year old, I could not have been happier with that position. But, things - as they do- change.

The Present

In May 2002 I decided that I needed a change of environment, so I said goodbye to Fort Dodge and moved into an apartment in Evansville, Indiana with my friend John. What a change, indeed. It was my first time being completely on my own (I had lived with my father up until that point), and it wasn't easy. I managed to find a new job, though, and made some new friends, too. I'll admit that I miss the security of home sometimes, but I'm doing fine on my own. I'm still living with my ADD, which will (hopefully) soon be taken care of. I'm still looking at different schools and plan on going back soon.

The Future

Where from here... Who knows? I do know that I plan on doing everything in my power to keep living life and trying my best to be completely happy, whatever I do and wherever I end up.