*~:: Likes ::~*

music, Skittles, best friends, Code Red, glitter, girls, computers (when they behave themselves), raving, snow, road trips, school, coffee, Sarah McLachlan, Madonna, making raver candy, The Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles!!), getting dressed up, dancing, driving fast, my cat Meisha, ice cream, sleeping in, candles, shopping, people who aren't complete fucking idiots, phat techno beats, reading, being gay, the queer community, stuff that makes you think, hugs, cuddling, spending money on people I love, my sisters Kim and Krissy, my dad, the rest of my family, taking pictures, web design, listening to someone when they have something on their mind, having money

*~:: Dislikes ::~*

bad drivers, morning radio shows (just shut up and play some goddamn MUSIC!), getting up early, work, spiders, rude people, my alarm clock, people who drive slow, red lights, country music, people who complain about everything, being blamed for something that's not my fault, people who hate everyone who's not like them, crappy computers, new computers that have a bad attitude, people who question my sexuality (something for ME to do if I ever need to, thanks), doing laundry, any other type of housework, being ignored when I have something to say, people who absolutely cannot have a good time without drugs and/or alcohol, stuff that supposed to be funny but isn't, taking tests, being bored, dumping someone, being dumped, being sad, not having any food in the house, being cold, having dirty hands

~For more interests